About Us

We, Dr. Sunita Kapur and Dr. Raman kapur, are both medical graduates from Delhi University. Dr. Raman Kapur started practising Acupuncture about 20 years ago and Dr. Sunita Kapur joined him in the same practice about 13 years ago. It was always our cherished dream to impart proper training to our colleagues who were keen on learning Acupuncture but found it difficult and expensive to visit China to learn the same.

So took place the birth of the International College of Acupuncture and Natural Medicine (ICANM) in 1992. Since the last 10 years we have been giving lecture courses and practical training to doctors at the college. These courses are given over a period of 2 months and involve a total teaching period of over 100 hours.

However, we always felt we could conduct a proper one to one course with only small groups of 5 to 10 doctors. And then came along the Internet revolution, and with that we started getting requests from colleagues both from India and abroad to develop an online course.

Due to the untiring efforts of Dr. Sunita Kapur, this dream is now getting fulfilled. So all the classroom training will now be available to you at your own personal computer where you can learn at your leisure – whenever you are free, without bothering to attend regular classes. Whatever doubts you need to clear will be done by your tutors – Drs. Raman and Sunita Kapur.

At the completion of all the 4 modules of the online course, you will be required to come to New Delhi, India for just one week of intensive clinical and practical training program and thereafter you are ready to practice Acupuncture!

Bio-data of the doctors:

Dr. Raman Kapur
Dr. (Mrs.) Sunita Kapur