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Bronchial Asthma:

Miss Mona, a 14 year old girl, had recurrent cough and cold since she was a child, started wheezing at 11 years of age. She was put on steroids for 3-4 months. When she came to us, she was on oral deriphyllin twice a day, 6-7 times asthalin inhaler in a day and unlimited use of the inhaler at night when she gets up with episodes of wheezing and salsol nebulizer 2-3 times a night. She started Acupuncture treatment for her bronchial asthma from 24/4/2002. Initially her treatments were daily for the first month, during which time her nebuliser was stopped and oral medication (deriphyllin) was stopped in the first 15 days of starting treatment. She felt so much better that by the end of the first month she had totally stopped even her inhaler. Subsequently, her treatment was reduced to thrice a week in the second month and then to twice a week in the third month. She was so pale and underweight when she started treatment and as she progressed, her complexion became rosy and she gained about 5 kg. Weight. Her appetite became normal and she has never experienced any wheezing till now. She will go onto once a week treatment in the next month and then her treatment will be over. Since the problem of asthma is getting rampant among school going children, more so due to high level of pollutants in the atmosphere and low immunity levels, it is important that such children be given Acupuncture as the first line of management so as to cure them of the disease by improving their body immunity.



Facial Neuralgia:

Ms. Neeru Gulati, aged 28 years, developed Lt. Sided facial paralysis in october 2000. She took Wysolone and electro stimulation and recovered. However, she developed an acute pain in the left eye since last 5 months and she was put on pain killers. As she got no relief, she was started on Tab. Mazetol, initially once a day, to now upto four a day with little relief. She came to us on 27-4-2002, when acupuncture treatment was started on her. Initially she was given daily treatment for 20 days, during which time she totally stopped all her medication and had substantial pain relief. Later, this schedule was made to alternate days for 2 weeks, then twice a week for 2 weeks. Her pain is now totally cured and there has been no relapse since her treatment was completed.




Mr. Krishan Kant , aged 32 years, complained of left sided headache since the last 8 years, gradually became more worse and also shifted to the right side of head since 3 years. Presently, his pain was only left sided and he was diagnosed as a patient of migraine. When he came to us for treatment, his headaches had become so severe that he was taking 1-2 tablets of vasograin daily, and he would be suffering from h eadache almost 4-5 days in a week. His headaches used to get worse with sunshine. He was started acupuncture therapy from 27-4-2002. Initially for first 20 treatments, the treatment was given daily. Within the first 10 sessions only, he got so much relief that he stopped taking vasograin. Gradually , the frequency of headache got less. After 20 treatments, the sessiion was reduced to alternate days for 2 weeks, by which time he had totally stopped having any headaches. He could now even more in sunshine without any headache. He had once a week treatment for 2 weeks and then we stopped his treatment. Follow up till now has not shown any relapse.

Mr. G.N.Khaitan aged 78 years, chairman of Radico Khaitan, used to suffer from Chronic migraines since he was 30 years of age, He had tried all types of treatment without success. He came to know about Dr. Kapur after watching a programme on acupuncture with him about 10 years ago. He took a total of 30 treatment sessions with Dr. Kapur and thereafter has never suffered from any migraine headaches since the last 10 years. Recently he developed a prolapsed disc in his back which caused an acute sciatica pain in his right leg. He immediately contacted his acupuncture doctor and in just 10 treatments his pain was cured.



Bilateral Polycystic Ovarian Disease with Infertility:

Mrs. Anita Shora, aged 37 years, came to us with history of amenorrhoea ( no menses) since December 2000. Her ultrasound showed her to be having polycystic ovaries and she was put on hormone therapy. Even with hormone treatment, she was not getting regular menses, and the bleeding used be very scanty. Acupuncture treatment was started on 21-8-2001. Initially patient was treated daily for first 4 months, during which time, her cycles became normal and all hormone therapy was stopped. Thereafter, she was given acupuncture only for 7 days in a month, prior to onset of menstrual cycle. This process continued for about 6 months. In the month of april 2002, she missed her cycles. A pregnancy test was done and it came positive. An ultrasound revealed a normal growing foetus. Acupuncture thus helped this lady recovery from her problem of hormonal imbalance and then conceive a child.



Central Serous Retinopathy:

Mr. Manohar das, a 35 year old patient came to me in November 2001. He is a pilot with Air India and during a routine eye check up he was informed that he is suffering from Central Serous Retinopathy in left eye, a condition which causes gradual deterioration of vision. He developed this problem since July 2001 and since then he was not allowed to fly anymore. He took all treatments available but to no avail. His carrier was in jeopardy and with this problem, he may have to stop flying totally. An angiography done in November 2001, showed changes of retinopathy and vision in his left eye was 6/18.

Acupuncture treatment was started on 10th Nov. 2001, and gradually the vision of the patient started improving. By April 2002, his vision had become 6/6 in the left eye. He was seen again by doctors at Jaslok Hospital who did a repeat fundus angiography and found that central serous retinopathy had resolved and his vision in the left eye was 6/6. His licence for flying which was temporarily cancelled was renewed after this latest report. For a man whose career is of a pilot and a condition like this can ruin his career, acupuncture came as a boon.



Lumbar Disc Prolapse with Acute Sciatica:

Mrs. Saroj Modi, aged 67 years, had been suffering from acute pain in her left leg since March 2002. She had an episode of similar pain in the right leg last year but in 6 months she got relieved with pain killers and exercise. However, this time the pain was so acute that inspite of pain killers, no relief was there and she was unable to walk for a few steps also. Clinical examination confirmed a left sciatica nerve root compression. She came to us in June 202 and her treatment was started on 10th June 2002. Initially she took 20 sittings daily followed by atternate days and then twice a week sittings.

Her leg pain is totally gone and she is able to go on her morning walks like before. Acupuncture is considered to be the first treatment of choice today for lumbar disc prolapsse and sciatica, the world over.



Lumbar Canal Stenosis with Paraparesis and Asthma:

Mrs. Sukhda chadha, aged 60 years, developed paralysis of her right leg along with numbers in May,2001. Gradually the left leg also became weaker. Her situation became so bad that she was totally bedridden and had to use a walker for support to walk at home. She came to us in february,2002. An examination of the patient revealed that she had lumbar canal stenosis which had resulted in gradual reduction of blood circulation to her legs with constant pain in the legs and numbness and gradually diminishing muscle power.

Acupuncture treatment was started from 12th Feb,2002. Initially she was given daily treatment for over 1 month. She showed such tremendous improvement that her leg pains disappeared and she felt more active. After 3 months of treatment by May ,202, she was able to leave her walker and walk independently.

Now in July 2002, she takes only twice a week treatments and her muscle power is returned to near normal. She also had a chronic bronchial asthma since last 20 years for which she was on heavy medication. We concomitantly also treated her for asthma and now she is fully cured and does not use any medication for the same.



Cervical Spondylopathy:

Mrs. Kamlesh Dua, aged 65 years, was suffering from acute pain in her left hand since November,2001. The pain used to start from her neck, travel to the shoulder, then upper arm and forearm and then spread to all the fingers of her left hand. She was unable to even lift her left shoulder, and developed gradual weakness in her left hand. She was on regular proxyvon twice a day, with no relief and used to be constantly crying in pain. X ray of her cervical spine had showed markedly reduced disc spaces at C4-5-6 levels with osteoporosis. MRI showed degenerative disc disease with disc bulge at C4-5-6 and C6-7 levels.

She visited us for treatment on 17th April ,2002. Her pain was agonizing and she was even unable to sleep due to the severe pain. Within just 3 sessions of Acupuncture , the acute pain disappeared. Thereafter, in another 15 sessions her left frozen shoulder got cured. Thereafter, we reduced her treatment to alternate days, then twice a week and now to once a week. She is totally pain free and even the pain in her fingers are gone. She recovered completely from all her symptoms.



Calcaneal Spur in both feet:

Mrs. Anuradha Bhandari, aged 45 years, was suffering from severe pain in both feet since the last 2 years. She was diagnosed as having calcaneal spur in both the feet for which she took ultrasonic, laser, pain killers but with no relief.

She came to us on 13th , April,2002, for treatment. Regular acupuncture treatment over a period of 2 months completely relieved relieved her of pain in both the feet. Her pain was so intolerable that she was unable to even keep her foot on the ground and walking or standing for long was impossible for her. She used to be mostly on bed because of her acute pain. After she got cured of her ankle pain, she told us about her chronic lumbar pain which has also been taken care of with acupuncture.




Coma is defined as a condition where the patient goes into a state of unconsciousness. There can be various causes of coma.

Ashok Sharma, male, 75 years. He had sustained a head injury in an accident. He was operated upon and the clot in his brainremoved but he still did not come out of coma. He was given acupuncture continuously for three hours on the first day and came out of deep coma on the same day itself. Thereafter, he was given acupuncture treatment daily for the next fifteen days and he recovered fully.

Deepak Mehta, male, 40 years. He had been in deep coma for three and a half months following a brain haemorrhage and was on a ventilator and tube-feeding. He showed first signs of improvement after ten sittings of acupuncture treatment and was given a total of sixty sittings for recovery.

Karan Kumar, male, 35 years. He had pontine haemorrhages following severe uncontrolled hypertension and went into deep coma. He was admitted into a hospital and put on a ventilator. His relatives were told that there were no chances of his survival. Acupuncture was tried as a last resort and it worked wonders on him. He came out of deep coma by the 15th day, and the ventilator was removed. At the end of forty sittings, he recovered substantially enough to be discharged from the hospital. He was then under acupuncture treatment for residual paralysis and had regained even his normal mental abilities.



Optic Atrophy:

Another big success with acupuncture has been complete recovery of vision in a lady with optic atrophy who had total loss of vision (Read on for the complete case history of this patiment). This is a condition in which there is a wasting away or near total disuse of the eyes due to degeneration of the optic nerve.

Divya Chopra, female, 57 years. She came for the first time on January 15, 1998, with complaints of complete loss of vision in both eyes. She was only able to make out hand movements, but was unable to count the fingers. Her history revealed that she had been suffering from recurrent fever with chills from December, 1996. The fever was associated with loss of appetite and loss of weight. She was investigated for the same. A chest X-ray showed prominence of the left hilum which was most likely due to enlarged left hilar lymph nodes.

Divya Chopras case was diagnosed as pulmonary tuberculosis and she was put on ATT (Anti Tubercular Therapy) from may 3, 1997. She started noticing slight blurring of vision from September 1997. This blurring worsened on October 18, 1997. It was accompanied with formication in both feet and associated tiredness. Her visual acuity at this stage was 6/36.

She was diagnosed as having acute Ethambutol toxicity and her Ethambutol was stopped. She was treated for pan uveitis (bilateral). The VEP (Visual Evoked Potential) done at the Rajendra Prasad Ophthalmic Centre showed prolonged latency. A trial of systemic steroids was given with no improvement in vision. A permetry (charting for any visual blind spots) done at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Delhi on November 18 showed poor fixation with poor response in both eyes. A brain MRI done on December 13 was normal. She was seen by a team of top doctors at AIIMS and then at Mohan Eye Institute, Delhi, but medication produced no improvement. Her vision steadily went on deteriorating and she was diagnosed as having developed bilateral toxic optic nerve atrophy for which there was no treatment possible. She even tried homoeopathy medicine with no response.

Accupuncture treatment was given to her initially on a daily basis for a duration of about two months. Within the first week of treatment, her vision showed such a sudden change that a woman who had not been able to move out of her room without support, was able to read the number plate of her car. Her vision gradually went on improving and the treatment was reduced to an alternate day schedule. She was then given acupuncture only twice a week. The improvement in her vision was substantial and she regained seventy-five per cent of her vision.

In order to clinically correlate the symptomatic improvement, she was referred to Dr. S.N. Jha at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Delhi on June 11, 1998. He checked her vision and found it to be 6/24. He also did perimetry on this patient and found a substantial improvement as compared to the previous perimetry done at AIIMS. Even he was amazed to see such an improvement. This patient finally improved her vision by ninety-five per cent.

Mrs. Sunita Sharma, a 42 years old woman, suddenly had a brain hemorrhage and developed optic nerve atrophy in both her eyes. This led to complete vision loss in both eyes. The doctors at the hospital where she got treated told her that her vision can not come back. Acupuncture treatment with Dr. Kapur has been able to bring her vision back by 60% in over 6 months time.




Mrs. Renu Sinha, a 45 years old female, suffered three repeated attacks of malaria leading to an enlarged spleen (4 times the normal size). Splenic functions were also deranged, her Hb came down to 6gm% and she was advised splenectomy (removal of spleen). Her appetite was very poor and she had severe hyperacidity, and could not perform any routine work. Acupuncture was given daily for 20 sittings. During this period her G.I.T. symptoms disappeared and her Hb level rose to 8 g%. Gradually the treatment was reduced to alternate days for a period of 1 month, during which time the size of spleen reduced to half and Hb rose to 10g%. Subsequently she was put on twice a week treatment for 1 month which brought her Hb level to 12 g% and her spleen size became normal.



Macular Degeneration:

Rajat Chopra is a child aged 8 years. He came to our clinic 2 years back after complaints of having severe diminution of vision and having been diagnosed as having bilateral macular degeneration with a vision of 4/60. According to western medical science there is no treatment available for this disease which is progressive in nature.

Acupuncture treatment was started on this patient 2 years back. He started showing a positive improvement in vision within the first 2 months of treatment itself, his vision improved to 6/60. He still continues therapy with us and his vision has been showing a continuous improvement with the present corrected vision being 6/24.



Atopic Eczema:

Miss Mona is a young girl aged 20 years who developed a topic eczema since childhood. She used to have severe itching and reddened eczematous patches all over her face and body. All types of topical applications and oral steroids were tried with little or no response.

She started acupuncture therapy about 3 years ago and within the first three months of treatment with acupuncture and laser therapy, her itching had totally stopped. All her lesions gradually started getting better and as of today she is totally asymptomatic.



Secretory Otitis Media with hearing loss:

Neeraj Kapoor, aged 14 years came to our clinic 12 years back with complaints of pain in left ear and hearing loss of 40 decibals. He had been advised myringotomy by the western doctors. Being afraid of surgery, he came to us for treatment with a acupuncture. He was given ten regular sittings with acupuncture and moxibustion with which his pain and heaviness in the ear disappeared. A repeat audiometry test showed complete recovery of hearing loss.



Post-Operative Multiple Prolapsed Intervertebral Disc:

Mr. Nikhil Bharadwaj, aged 45 yrs, came to our clinic with complaint of lower backache radiating down to right thigh and leg. There was numbness in left toes. he could not walk for even two steps and was brought with the help of two attendants. His lower torso was tilted towards one side. He had been two attendants. His lower torso was tilted towards one side. He had been operated for the same six months ago, followed by a series of treatments with physiotherapy, ayurveda and panchkarma. Nothing could give him relief with 30 sittings of acupuncture his pain had completely gone and he started walking for 3 km a day with a straight back. His numbness of toes is also reducing with every treatment. he still under our treatment.



Multiple Sclerosis:

Mrs. Manisha Garg, a 40 year old lady, came to us for the first time in May 2000 with complaints of double vision, severe vertigo, deterioration of vision, numbness, weakness and abnormal gait in the right leg and pain and heaviness in the right arm. she also complained of frequency and urgency of urination.

Her past history revealed that her problem started in March 1997 and she was diagnosed after an MRI as having multiple sclerosis. She was prescribed wysolone for 2 weeks to be tapered off slowly. She again had an acute episode of vision deterioration, weakness of legs and arms in July 97 and was admitted to Apollo Hospital and given intravenous methyl prednisolone for 5 days. During 1998 she kept very bad health and kept on taking prednosolone orally off and on.

A repeat course of intravenous methyl prednisolone was given to her in Jan 99 when the weakness in the right leg and arm got aggravated. This same course was repeated in September 99 and in February 2000.

She has been under Acupuncture therapy with me since 1st may 2000 and has shown a substantial improvement. Her vertigo is totally gone. Her vision initially was 6/12 and now it is 6/9 with no double vision and no subsequent deterioration of vision. Her pain and weakness in the right arm is totally cured. Her problem of frequency and urgency of urination is cured. Her weakness in the right leg with staggering gait is now about 80 percent better. This overall improvement in a patient of multiple sclerosis for which there is no answer in any other system of medicine is a definite indicator of the effectiveness of acupuncture in this disease.